Marie-Luise Scherer © Wilfried Beege

Der Literarische Salon mit Marie-Luise Scherer

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Since 2005, Guy Helminger and Navid Kermani have been inviting writers they are enthusiastic about to their Literary Salon in Cologne's Stadtgarten. The guests read from their own books, but also bring texts that are particularly important to them. After the break they present what else moves them: records, pictures, videos and other things writers negotiate, when readings are over.

"The charm of this series lies in its openness. Unlike a conventional reading, there is a relaxed conviviality in which truths are quickly revealed." (Kölnische Rundschau)

This time with: Marie-Luise Scherer

If reporters are to be rapid, Marie-Luise Scherer is the opposite: a sentence costs her forty cigarettes, she once reported, and so one understands that she already thinks two good sentences a day are a lucky success. But if you then read one of her reports, which sometimes are 50 to 130 pages long, you won't find a single unnecessary word. Marie-Luise Scherer is a legend among German reporters, and when she once again receives a prize (Börne, Heinrich Mann, Italo Svevo et cetera), the most famous writers hurry to sing their praises, from Hans-Magnus Enzensberger to Brigitte Kronauer to Martin Mosebach. Most recently, Christian Kracht mentioned her as an influence in his Frankfurt Poetics Lectures. In the course of four decades, hardly more than a handful of master narratives have been written that are nothing but reality. Fortunately they are published in book form from time to time, so this year again "Die Hundegrenze" at Matthes & Seitz. Marie-Luise Scherer is now over eighty and lives in a village near the river Elbe, not far from the former border of the GDR. After the scandal surrounding the counterfeiter Claas-Hendrik Relotius, that is actually the scandal of a system that expects, produces and awards prizes to rubbish, we are all the more delighted that Germany's most important reporter has visited us.

Thu, 28.11.2019

concert hall Start 20:30 Doors 19:30

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