cleopatrick are a heavy alt-rock duo from the tiny town of Cobourg, Ontario - yup, the ‘c’ is lowercase. Best friends since the first day of kindergarten, frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser translate their lifelong connection into a powerful unification of sound. With a bastardized bass amp and split signal, Gruntz simultaneously commands the range of bass and guitar topped with provocative blues grooves and take-down breakdowns. In early 2016, the pair recorded their first EP 14 in its entirety in a single studio session and was later dubbed one of the most promising acts of 2017 by 94.9 The Rock’s “Generation Next”. Now piling all of the torment and rhetoric that comes with chasing big dreams within the limits of a small town, cleopatrick is on a mission to reverse the stigma against modern rock bands, backed by the style, sound, and stats to prove it. Upon releasing “hometown”, the first single off their upcoming sophomore EP the boys, cleopatrick have amassed over 6 million Spotify streams in 6 months and have been featured on the front cover of “Rock This”, the world’s largest rock playlist. Now in the global spotlight, the band is hitting the road with one and only one message: fuck whatever you think rock is. Quote from Luke: 50 years ago, the term “Rock” was a frenzied, varying, and passionate kind of music that carried honest messages to its audiences by whatever means necessary — Rock was for people that had something to say.

In 2018, it’s really obvious that somewhere along the line, the term really lost its meaning. Every time someone refers to cleopatrick as a “Rock” band, it sounds immediately nostalgic, unsurprising, and passé.

That really pisses us off. There’s nothing more discouraging than being put in a box...all because you’re holding a Les Paul. That’s why we admire hip hop so deeply - because in so many ways it truly is the new rock. It’s constantly evolving, it’s raw, aggressive, and pure. It’s everything rock used to be.

So in our juvenile frustration, we bluntly say: fuck whatever you think rock is, because we’re about to change it all. Us and anyone who wants to come along, that is. The band’s fattest single yet drops June 29 worldwide, followed by a full summer/fall touring schedule across Canada, UK, and USA.

Wed, 19.09.2018


studio 672 Start 20:30 Doors 20:00

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