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Runa Hoffmann, Demba Sano, Alex Mayor, Hanitra Wagner / Vao Vao © Gökçe Berndt, Artist, Anna Jaissl

AUSVERKAUFT: Talking Kaput "Equality, Empowerment und Diversität in der Kulturbranche“

Bitte beachten Sie die geltenden Hygiene- und Kontaktrückverfolgungsvorschriften: Bitte halten Sie sich darüber hinaus weiterhin an die AHA-Regeln (Abstand halten, Hygiene beachten, Maske tragen) und bleiben Sie zu Hause, wenn Sie sich krank fühlen. Vielen Dank!

Talk with Demba Sanoh, Runa Hoffmann and Hanitra Wagner on the topic of "Equality, Empowerment and Diversity in the Cultural Industry".
Concert by Vaovao Musik (album release of the record on Staatsakt)
Concert by Alexander's Festival Hall
Djing: DJ Melt aka Demba

Demba Sanoh
Demba Sanoh has been on the road as a tour manager, production manager and artist supervisor for various bands and festivals in German-speaking countries since 2013. He is also a historian and publishes as a freelance author on his main topics of racism and colonialism. In addition, he appears as a keynote speaker or as an expert on panel discussions. In his role as co-founder of misc Berlin, he combines both his expertise and trains companies in the culture and music industry on topics such as diversity and discrimination.

Runa Hoffmann
As the former head of human resources of a Berlin club, Runa Hoffmann has gained experience of what it means to implement targeted measures to diversify a workplace in the culture and music industry. She is also an active member of Initiative Plus 1, which places support for civilian sea rescue and refugees in the music industry. As an author, she explores the connection between sexual liberation, online dating and feminism in her 2015 debut "Fucking Good" under her pseudonym "Nina Wagner".

Alex Mayor
Alexander's Festival Hall is a sort of English pop confection, a mix of regretful ballads and occasional pop rainbows. New album 'Not From Above!' is both music and book of stories. Twelve lush romantic songs and a collection of darkly comic thought experiments.

Hanitra Wagner / Vao Vao
Vaovao - Six letters of a journey through synthesizer sounds and sound collages, supported by fragmentary violins, driving beats and a hypothermic singing that hardly allows for emotions. Vaovao's music makes use of various elements of the recent history of pop music, reflects or quotes them, but always remains more than a pure retro phenomenon due to new combinations. The lines of the German lyrics are sometimes dadaistic, they are fragments of narratives and movements, literary oscillations and vibrations that challenge. Sound and text move in musical and lyrical spectrums, rather than in delineated patterns. The music swims freely instead of delineating itself. And at the same time, it doesn't hollow itself out; it remains dense and engaging. This isn't a journey on the way to a destination. The destination is the journey. A journey that is just beginning.

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Thu, 19.08.2021
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Hanitra Wagner / Vao Vao, Runa Hoffmann, Demba Sanoh, Alex Mayor

GREEN ROOM Start 19:00 Doors 18:00

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