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Adam French comes from Congleton, Cheshire East, a small town in the northwest of England. There, far away from the musical centres, he developed his very own sound and approach to highly melancholic songs, which sometimes seem very fragile, only to blossom out horizontally in the next moment with almost cinematic quality. In combination with his slightly rasped, very distinctive voice, it is therefore no wonder that he is currently being certified in Great Britain as having what it takes to become "the next great Crooner from the United Kingdom". After French has released several EPs since 2014 and has already had many radio appearances with songs like "More to Life", "Hunter" and most recently "Weightless", he finally announces the release of his debut album in 2019.
Between 12 and 14 April, Adam French will give guest performances in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne.

"My music revolves entirely around my own experiences in the past," says 26-year-old blond Adam French. "It's about life, death, love and everything else I've experienced so far. And if you, as my listener, can even connect yourself with a small detail that I talk about in my songs, then I have achieved exactly what prompted me to start making music at all. Because then you can connect to my past in your own unique way."

Only a few newcomers explain what drove them to music with such determination. And how much the quote applies to each of his songs is something everyone who listens to the music of Adam French can experience. Lyrically he exposes himself, his emotions and mental states within his songs to the bone, does not shy away from admitting mistakes and telling of one-way streets and misdirections in life. He thus presents himself as a chronicler of his own search and failure, but also of finding and arriving; all processes that each of us knows.

Since 2014 French has been inspiring again and again with new songs, which have been bundled around once a year and released as new EPs. Some of these songs, such as the current, incredibly touching track "Weightless", also the title track of his last EP, look at far more than a million clicks at Spotify and other music services. Because slowly, but steadily, the quality of Adam French has spread, his singer/songwriter music in the appropriate places by an abstract, almost cineastic seeming expanse to let "merge". Just as if Radiohead, for example, were making a folk record and then individualizing it in their own way.

Many fans have already found Adam French in this way, including such celebrities as Kylie Minogue, who supports the young musician at every opportunity, and Jake Bugg, who took Adam French on a UK tour. With the release of his currently untitled debut album, the triumphal march of his dreamy and yet so solid music should make great strides.

Vivie Ann will be there as support.

An event by Prime Entertainment.

Sun, 14.04.2019


studio 672 Start 20:30

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