Nosoyo © Artist

Nosoyo © Artist


Zu unserem großen Bedauern müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass unsere für November geplante Tour (mit Ausnahme vom 4.11. im Berliner Privatclub) nicht stattfinden kann, da sich die Albumveröffentlichung auf das nächste Jahr verschoben hat. Tickets können dort zurück gegeben werden, wo sie gekauft wurden ( Ihr werdet natürlich den vollen Ticketpreis rückerstattet bekommen. Wir freuen uns darauf euch in Berlin zu sehen, und hoffen auch in allen anderen Städten bald mit euch zu feiern, wir melden uns bald mit neuen Terminen bei euch.

The emerging Berlin-based duo NOSOYO(pronounced NO-SOY-YÓ, meaning “I am not me –I am everything”), is composed of two dynamic artists: Donata(vocals, guitar, songwriting) and Daim(vocals, drum, songwriting).

Daim is part Dutch, part Turkish and presents a more harmonious, freethinking spirit. Donata grew up in Bonn, Germany and loves conceptualising, composing and seeks confrontation. Together they collide via passionate songs full of playful details and clever twists. Listeners can detect a beautiful tension within moments of experiencing their collaboration. They compliment each other perfectly. NOSOYO are an expressively scandalous game of ambivalence, duality and moods, and yet the two create this contrast through upbeat and poised alternative pop.

The two met at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam, immediately recognizing that they were destined for one another. After observing each other from a distance, they only exchanged polite compliments after watching each other perform in a concert. From that moment, it took three more years before the duo began performing together despite their shared instinct.

Loud & Shameless istheir newest album: thirteen distinct songs to express a particular mindset that surgesthe two artists forward, both personally and musically. NOSOYO eases into more electronic-leaning soundscapes than their previous album, Resonate. The two experiment with hybrid sound collages, combining and circulating loops, samples and synths to harmoniously weave new sounds through honest lyrics.

Donata shares, “These are the songs where we finally say what we want to say.”Loud & Shamelessis not only a call to arms, to confront the things holding us back, but also a powerful F.U. to all those that try to make us feel we are lost. Loud & Shamelessgrants access to grow.

“It’s about listening to and believing in yourself. Loudstands for presence -for a statement, perseverance. Shamelessmeans to not be dictated to by the masses, to not be ashamed ofyourself and to trust your own feelings.”

NOSOYO’s first single from the album, “Highness”, is intended to be a double entendre for feeling high and noble. Razor-edged electronic structures and a maxed-out sing-along chorus narrate that feeling of longing for power and lacking empathy. In the end, feeling that kind of high won’t fix a thing, as “only real love is timeless”. “Glitter” is just as direct, an infectiously irresistible track with a crystal clear message, “You can kiss my glitter!”. The quietlyseductive “Neverending Story”points out a war between comfortable and uncomfortable feelings, whilst “Attitude” asks for the listener’s opinion.

Propelled by pounding beats, big melodies and edgy tricks, Loud & Shamelessemerges as a flying explosion ofpop with merciless lyrics and gravity-resistant arrangements. The result is an aural symbol of continuing the duo’s own development, not just for themselves, but for the whole planet.

“We want to stand for joy and love with all our melancholy and pain.”

This philosophy is for everyone who no longer wish to hide their opinions, those who no longer prioritise comfort, who can no longer bare standing still. Hands up: your time is now.

Sun, 10.11.2019

Alternative Pop

jaki Start 20:00

16 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

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