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CANCELLED: Marius Bear

Die Marius Bear Tournee in Deutschland wird auf April / Mai 2020 verschoben. Bereits gekaufte Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

new date: Monday, 27th April 2020 | Cologne, Blue Shell | Prime Entertainment

When you hear the voice of Marius Bear, comparisons are quickly made to greats like Rag'n'Bone Man and George Ezra. At the beginning of April the native Swiss released his new single "My Crown", now followed in November with Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich six concerts on German soil.

After a night of celebration she sometimes shows her face - this rough whisky voice. For Marius Bear it is his trademark, because the Appenzeller-born has such a deep timbre by nature that many of his colleagues fade. And he never had a career as a musician in mind. At the age of 20, he loudly gave orders to the Swiss military, and a soldier replied, "You should sing with this voice". Various jam sessions in the army proved his talent and so he dared the big jump to New York after military service. Besides a short film soundtrack, he also wrote songs for a debut album there and had it produced from his own money. But it should never come to publication. For Marius's claim they lacked soul and depth. After a change of producer and location his sound shone in a new guise and he began to study music production in London at the BIMM, the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

After the single "I'm a Man" (2017) Marius Bear presented "Sanity" in summer 2018, an EP with six powerful songs. In doing so, he does without showmanship, focuses on the vocals and surrounds himself with electronic blues and a pinch of soul. On April 05th of this year the newest single "My Crown" was released, which gives a first taste of the album expected for September 2019.

When Marius Bear enters the stage, he usually does so barefoot - he loves to feel the bass under his feet. It will become clear between 19 and 26 November whether he will be able to enjoy the winter as well, when he will be travelling across Germany for six concerts.

An event by prime Entertainment.

Tue, 19.11.2019

concert hall Start 20:00

20 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

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