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18 Jahre Kompott: Amsterdam Klezmer Band

17 years of "Kompott" - time for a birthday party!

The legendary Amsterdam Klezmer Band presenting their new album "Fortuna" !
Ready as ever are the Kompott DJs with their music repertoire as broad as their physique. No ear remains untouched, no foot still, no throat dry!

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band started in 1996 as a group of street musicians playing traditional Yiddish party music. Almost 25 years have passed and during all this time, the band has managed to stay on the radar with no interruptions. That's why they should have been awarded the title for "most diligent band in Klezmer"! The band has developed into an internationally acclaimed group with a solid live reputation.
For the very first time in history, AKB invited Stefan Schmid to produce their new album "Fortuna", in order to break the mutual patterns among the band members and let them step out of their comfort zone.
The result: a rough edge, exciting layers and real joy of making music.
So are we still dealing with Klezmer? Damn right we are! The sound of klezmer music has evolved and changed over time and we see no reason to put this development on hold!

Sat, 02.10.2021

Jasper de Beer (double bass, guitar banjo, backing vocals), Job Chajes (alto saxophone, vocals), Alec Kopyt (vocals, percussion), Gijs Levelt (trumpet), Joop van der Linden (Trombone, percussion), Janfie van Strien (clarinet, backing vocals), Theo van Tol (accordion)


concert hall Start 21:00 Doors 20:00

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