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Stadtgarten concert and catering company welcomes intervention by the City of Cologne

The concert and catering business in the Stadtgarten welcomes the intervention of the City of Cologne and the police in the area surrounding the Stadtgarten.
Due to the Corona-related closure of clubs and bars, the ban on staying in the Brüsseler Platz, which has been extended until August 1st, and the summer outside temperatures, the nightly need to "party" is shifting to other places. And this includes the surroundings of the Stadtgarten, known in party circles as the "little wall".
We as a concert hall and catering business are particularly affected by this, as we have to dispose of the legacies of the nightly parties in front of our house every day. Incidentally - mostly out of unawareness - all musical emissions in the surroundings of the Stadtgarten are assigned to our event operations.
We are not concerned here with the many people who know how to behave at night in an inner-city residential area and keep their distance due to corona, but rather with the people who, using their own equipment (loudspeakers and spotlights), organise nightly "open airs" and cause considerable disturbance to the peace until the early hours of the morning.

"In order to avoid misunderstandings, we would like to point out to our guests that in the event of any evacuation or closure, it is not the concert and catering operations that are affected, but exclusively those areas in the vicinity of the Stadtgarten," says the managing director of the "Stadtgarten", Matthias von Welck.
Cologne, 30 June 2020